Saturday, May 15, 2010

My son's favorites postcards: MICKEY MOUSE & DONALD DUCK

Last Wednesday, i also received two beautiful postcards of disney's most known cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They were sent by 2 different people.

Okay, let's talk about the cards first.

Mickey Mouse  Lottery

The Mickey Mouse card was sent by Carole in Canada. It's my first winning lottery postcard. Well, actually it's my second lottery won, but the first one is for a special First Day Cover (FDC). Anyway, this card is very special since it's BIG and is a star-shaped card. Unfortunately due to it's unusual size and shape the card was a little bit bended in every corner when i received it.

The Donald Duck card came from Anja in Macedonia. I personally picked this card for a private swap since I'm a big fan of Donald Duck. I do. He's my favorite cartoon characters, which even influence me to collect Kaj Stenvall cards.

Donald Duck

Both cards were sent along with cute and nice stamps. On the left side you can see the Canadian stamps. While on the right side, It is a cute bulldog stamp from Macedonia.

However, the reason i make this post is because these cards have made my son (now is 2,5 year old) really happy that day... well not just happy but extremely thrilled!! He instantly recognized both of the cards as the cartoon characters from one of his favorites DVD and demanded me to play the Mickey Mouse club DVD immediately. He then hold the postcards on the screen whenever Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck appeared. Untill at one point, I even had to hide the postcards from him since I was afraid that he would torn them apart in the excitement.

That's just one from many examples how postcards can make one overjoy. I experienced that a lot but more importantly this time it's not me. It's my son. So, once again thanks a lot for both Carole and Anja who had brought this excitement to my dearest one!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Columbus Lighthouse in Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REP.

Yaaay....last wednesday i just received a postcard from Dominican Republic! It's my first from the lovely country in the Carribean. Sent by Julia from the postcrossing forum, the card has travelled for quite sometime (since end of March 2010).

The postcard shows Columbus Lighthouse or Faro a Colón in Spanish. Located in Santo Domingo Province, it is an international monument with the characteristics of a lighthouse and tributed to the memory of Christopher Columbus. In fact, it is believed to contain the remains of the Great Explorer.

Apart from the postcard, i also received my very first stamp from Dominican Republic with a perfect postmark too. I'm sooo happy ^^

Dominican Rep. stamp

Thanks a lot Julia, and wish you had a lot of fun and joyful memories there!!!