Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I learned from postcard: ERITREA is a country….

Asmara,-Eritrea, originally uploaded by naya_hachi.

D’oh….maybe that’s the first word you said after reading my headline. Well, I don’t blame you. But I suppose, you must have an excellent knowledge of world geography. Definitely not like me…LOL. Yeah, it’s kinda embarrassing really for me to admit that I didn’t know this simple fact. And even my hubby is still teasing me about it (you know you have to cut it out dear)

Anyway, this is one good reason why I like this hobby. You will simply learn new things. My first contact with Eritrea is through postcrossing of course. I got in touch with one of Eritrean users and we agreed to exchange postcards to one another.

In July last year, finally I received my first card from Africa…Yipppeee. I was so thrilled. My dear friend Mansour sent me 3 cards from Eritrea. All the cards were awesome, but my most favorite card was the one showing its capital city. Eritrea capital city is Asmara. Yup, it’s Asmara. Hmm…I wonder if you…yes you who said D’oh before, do you know this fact? I bet you’re not :)

The country’s touristy official website stated that Asmara is possibly the safest African capital for travelers. It is one of the cleanest cities in Africa. The streets are elegantly lined with palms and a string of boutiques, coffee-shops and restaurants reminiscent of southern Italy.” So for me, it is really interesting to have a glimpse of this city through a postcard without even have to travel there myself (since of course i can’t afford to…at least not yet).

As an additional twist, asmara is actually a very meaningful word in Indonesian language. Asmara means love (as a noun). So, I felt extremely lucky to have a postcard sent to me from the “city of love”. As written in the postcard...I'm glad to see Asmara.



harus kesini nih say kapan-kapan.. kayaknya romantis. ntar adin tanya sih munya..

hachi said...

iya bener...sekalian ngunjungin Mansour kali ya hehe