Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amir Temur Museum, UZBEKISTAN

Last Friday, I just received my very first postcard written and stamped from Uzbekistan. It's a thank you card from one of my sent postcrossing postcards.

The postcard shows Amir Temur Museum, located in Toshkent, the capital city. According to this site, this museum was opened on 18 October, 1996 for the 660-year anniversary of Amir Temur. Inside there are exhibits showing Central Asia cultures especially in the Middle Ages such as jewelery, weaponry, military attire and regalia, musical instruments, manuscripts, and personal effects of Amir Temur.

Amir Temur himself was one of prominent figures in Uzbekistan. A great ruler of Samarkand, built a great army and expanded his empire that stretched from the Volga River and the Caucasian ridges in the west to India in the Southwest.

Thanks Vitaly for the great card!


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