Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have you ever received the same cards?

Hello all!!
WOW, it feels like ages since the last time i wrote on this BLOG...really2 sorry about that :) Well, enough said. I promise i will write more often from now on *fingers crossed*

Okay, let's start with today's topic. Have you ever received the same postcard over and over again?

In my case, the event is quite rare but yesterday i just received 2 official postcrossing cards and both cards are already in my received collection. Well, not exactly...i admit that i'm exaggerating a bit. The truth is i only received one identical card (Beautiful Maiko Girls), and the other one is only showing similar object but not identical.

I believe that once we start seeing our collection grow, there will be higher possibility to receive similar cards along the way. But, personally i have NO problem with that, why? here's the thing:

1) If we received one of the cards unwritten (in an envelope) we can always send the extra card for someone else or even exchange it with others.

2) If we received both cards written and/or even stamped, it doesn't really matter since the one that important is the personal message at the back. I personally view that what makes my collection special is the personal history attached to the every single postcards that i received. That's why i always prefer to have my postcards written and stamped :)

How about you guys?


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hachi said...

Wow, thanks a lot for the very nice comment, it really made my day :)