Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Map of Fiji Islands

Map of Fiji Islands, originally uploaded by naya_hachi.

Wow....I was just sooo surprised this morning to find this postcard on my mail box. It's slightly tinier than a normal size postcard but the picture tells it all. It was the map card of Fiji Islands. i was just sooo thrilled that i was screaming hard....Yaay!!

Actually the card was not sent from Fiji, instead it was sent from the beautiful New Zealand from a really cute cat named Gordon. He said that he had this card from Fiji and thought that i would like it. Promptly i was just thinking that how lucky he was to ever been in Fiji, even probably the most luckiest cat in postcrossing??? :)

Frankly I don't know much about Fiji, but luckily there are some country facts written on the back of the postcard, here say:
"Fiji is, centrally situated in the South-West Pacific and consists of 322 islands scattered between Latitudes 15 and 20 degree South of the Equator with the 180th meridian of Longitude passing through their midst. Fiji is squarely placed on all major sea and air routes through the South Pacific."

So, once again just want to say thanks sooo much for the lovely card Gordon...and mmmeeooow :)


Gordon said...

Meow, this is Gordon, yes, I'm a very smart Puss and I can TYPE. As I am a big fat fluffy lad, I avoid Fiji due to it's hot climate but many times my humans have left me at a cat resort in NZ so they can go to a beautiful Fiji resort themselves. Glad this Aussey human liked the card, purr purr, love Gordon.

hachi said...

Hey Gordon...a cat resort seems not bad at all and yes this aussey human really like the card :)