Friday, April 9, 2010

New Zealand Map (Wood Postcard)

Hi all...long time no see :) i know there should be no excuses but just want to give you some background info, that for the last couple of months i was kinda busy adjusting with my new environment since i just moved to Australia in mid of Feb. But now i already have a manageable routine so i want to keep this blog up and running again *BIG grin*

By the time i moved in to my new place, my postcard sending/receiving activities was halted temporarily for some reasons. However i will give you much more details about it on another post. And now i just want to show you one most favorite postcard arrived here so far.

It is my second collection of wood postcard from my dear cousin, Raisha in New Zealand. It's a very nice surprise since she'd promised me one like almost a year ago, but it finally arrived end of last month. She sent it during her last visit to New Zealand.

When it arrived in my 'new' mailbox i was soooo happy that i grinned all the way to my apartment. It was soooo beautiful and really captivating. The print is so clear and has very unique NZ's traditional motives. It also has some basic info about the country. Simply love it.

Thanks you sooo much Raisha!!!

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